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Spoof night with Billericay Rotary

The Rotarians from Billericay joined Pantiles Rotary for a night of Spoofing after a splendid meal & heavenly Harveys.
Pantiles President David Buckley exchanged pendants with the President of Billericay Rotary Club, Essex.

Godfrey Wood, our newest member

Godfrey Wood, Pantiles Rotaries newest member from the now closed Wadhurst Rotary & seconded by John Pilcher. Receiving his badge & Club details from our new President Dave Buckley.

Handing over the chain of office

Outgoing President Roy Patey handing over the chain of office to new President Dave Buckley.

Chris Bennett receiving his “Paul Harris Fellows Award”

Chris Bennett receiving his “Paul Harris Fellows Award” from President, Roy Patey before Roy retired his position as President.

Chris Bennett receiving the “Paul Harries Fellows Award”

The biggest event for the club for many years. Chris Bennett receiving the “Paul Harries Fellows Award” with new President, Dave Buckley, then the Area District Governor Carolyn Bassett  followed by outgoing President, Roy Patey.

Welcome Second Vice President Tim Davey

Pantiles Rotary Club President Roy Patey welcomes Second Vice President Tim Davey. The acting Vice President is Dave Buckley. (not photographed)

Historic day for Rotary Club of the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells

Historic day for Rotary Club of the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells
Robert Hickmott, Dale Mockford, Stephen Wass, Tim Davey, Steve Kirkham, Richard Benoy & Pantiles Rotary President, Roy Patey

The Rotary Club of the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells had an historic day Thursday 11th October with the induction of six new members & a seventh hoping to join very soon. The sudden influx of new members is due in part to four past Royal Tunbridge Wells Round Tablers, Richard Benoy, Robert Hickmott, Dale Mockford & Steve Kirkham who enjoyed Round Table for many years, they are joined by Tim Davey, previously of Littlehampton Round Table & Stephen Wass.

It is quite common to progress from Round Table to Rotary as you get older, as both clubs are very similar in their generous giving of time & raising thousands of pounds for their local community. Pantiles Rotary can certainly thank their club member John Teasdale who encouraged the Round Tablers to move to Rotary. Richard Benoy said, it was a great phone call the day I called John Teasdale & said “ John, we are ready to join your club if you will still have us”.

The two clubs, Pantiles Rotary & RTWRT have had strong ties for many years, some of the original Rotarians started the towns famous Round Table Dunorlan Park Fireworks Display, which is celebrating its 61st year on Saturday November 3rd. Fourteen Rotarians will again be in the park to assist with this hugely successful event. Pantiles Rotary have their own very successful charity golf day at The Nevill Golf Club which this year raised over eight thousand pounds.

If you enjoy socialising with like minded people & enjoy raising money that is given back to deserving groups & individuals locally, to improve their life or their club, then you should look up either clubs website. Royal Tunbridge Wells Round Table, age 18 – 45 or The Rotary Club of the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells, age 40 & onward.

Both Royal Tunbridge Wells Round Table & Pantiles Rotary have always been most grateful for the support we have received from the general public at our events & we hope this will continue at the Round Table fireworks display in Dunorlan Park on Saturday, November 3rd.

All Change

At the start of 2018 Mike Hutchins handed over the responsibility of President of the club to Roy Patey having been in the role for 18 months. During his time Mike saw the club continue with many acts of fundraising for local, national and international charities. Membership of the club remained stable and contacts with other local clubs increased.
Roy is now to be President for the next 18 months and plans to continue the good works Mike started as well as increase membership with further activities and greater business contacts. The ongoing contact with their twinned club in Wiesbaden will see a visit from their members to us later this year.

The role of Vice President was taken on by David Buckley who has previously been Secretary of the club. The new Secretary is Oliver Williams.

Rotary hands out charity money as it launches new membership drive

See the article here

A MEMBERSHIP drive and new website have been launched by The Rotary Club of The Pantiles in a bid to attract new people. The plans were unveiled at their annual Giveaway Dinner this month. The organisation raises thousands of pounds a year for local charities.

Vice-President Roy Patey said: “We are hoping the website will help us to recruit more members, particularly enthusiastic younger people.

“Sadly, there has been a decline in membership over recent years, and we’re encouraging people to join because it is an opportunity to do something practical for our community rather than just putting £5 into an envelope.

“It’s also a chance to meet like-minded people in a very sociable environment.” He added: “Sustainability is always a challenge. We currently have 24 members whereas we used to have around 70, and we are one of just two rotary clubs now after the third one was forced to close.

“Rotary is probably the biggest charity group in the world, and while it is thriving in Asia, we are seeing a decline in Britain and also in America.”

The group is based at the Nevill Golf Club in Benhall Mill Road and meets several times a month. The biggest of their charity events is their Golf Day in July. During the Giveaway Dinner, President Mike Hutchins presented a share of the £6,800 raised for charity to Tunbridge Wells Hospital Radio, Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre, Porchlight and the Tunbridge Wells Counselling Centre.

Talking of the challenges of finding new members, Mr Hutchins said: “A new WI [Women’s Institute] opened in Tunbridge Wells not so long ago and managed to sign up 100 people.

“I would like to find out exactly what they are doing to attract members.” The Rotary Club has more than a million members around the world with some 35,000 branches.

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